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  • TransCheeze-It

    I see your intention and I do like it, however again with the scamming it would be a major issue as in the game you can just make new accounts, and then having anything done with payment would be risky. 

    I however will purpose this:
    You make a commission page that basically is a forum page (ex: talent hub for Roblox), however everything works differently to get the job and get paid. Basically you read the job and hit accept then there is a acceptance period (possible optional based on post settings) that the owner has to accept your application. Then what happens is you make the things and submit them as a test room. Once you submit them all you hit "job completed". The owner for the job gets notified and they now have access to view these inventions in a room where they don't have maker pen. They then either deny and don't get the stuff or they accept receive the stuff and the currency is taken out of their account and given to the other player. If its a proceeds commission then a tab in the room will say that they get this % and it cant be changed unless agreed upon and changed by the person paid then confirmed by the owner. 

    Other settings can be configured such as acceptance period (time frame), payment period (fixed to 24h+), and what the commission title, description and payout. 

    As a note the commission pay is locked into that forum post and cannot be accessed unless deleted and not completed.


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