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Update invention



  • NGCreate

    Hey there,

    This is already a feature on RecRoom, I'll guide you! (with pictures!)
    If you want to edit your invention, go to your invention, click on "Invention Details".
    Once your in "Invention Details" click on "Setup".

    Once your in "Invention Setup" click on "Update Invention".

    After which, reselect your updated invention and save it.

    If you are trying to update the invention photo, click on the the Invention Photo, in "Invention Details".

    Hope this helps!

  • Jeb

    @NGCreate, i believe that doesn’t work for published inventions. Also the issue with invention photos i’m talking about is that when changing the picture, you can access your camera roll, but you can’t actually select an old photo to use, which would be neat.

  • NGCreate

    Ahh, looks like I miss-read your suggestion, thanks for the clarification.
    I believe that may just be a small hassle we have to deal with when editing inventions, but I digress.

    Although, it would be nice to access older previously taken photos in your camera roll to use as pictures for inventions, room photos and more.
    Good suggestion!

  • David Hall

    The problem with updating published inventions is what it could affect in the long term, especially for trolls. Imagine you see an amazing invention, looks harmless. You buy it, use it in your room and it works as intended. You make another room, pull out the invention again, but this time it had already been "updated" by the creator. Now you are snapped to a chair on the other side of the room, given a role that prevents you from using the pen and causes the room to crash. Then you realized you haven't saved the room in over hour and backups still don't work. 


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