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New features for creative tools



  • Jack

    Rec Room is planning to release Rec Room Studio. It's like Roblox Studio, but for Rec Room.

    Here is the official article about Rec Room Studio

    It will only be available on PC but could be extended to other platforms, although this is highly unlikely. Rec Room Studio will allow you to import higher quality sounds and other user-created content. It will also offer the following:

    • Importing assets and textures (Blender, Photoshop, Maya, etc.)
    • Collaborative Creation with the Maker Pen
    • Unity Terrain Editor
    • Unity ProBuilder
    • Complex Animations
    • Custom Sound
    • Programmable Events with Circuits

    It is currently in BETA, but will be released to the public very soon. You can sign up your e-mail to the waiting list at the bottom of the article page. You will then only be notified by e-mail when the Rec Room Studio is public.

  • Lord Fatquad

    Although everybody would love this to be added, sadly we all know it wont.


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