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Custom Vehicle Cv2


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  • Pancake992

    Couldn’t this be better physics based?

    that you have separate modules:

    • -Steering wheel: outputs steering angle
    • -Handbrake: outputs bool if used
    • -Gear shifter: outputs gear
    • -Wheel and suspension inputs suspension settings, wheel settings, wheel torque/speed, steering angle, etc.
    • -Ground Vehicle base: inputs mass, center of mass, etc. (Would also include: engine torque to wheel torque/speed because of the gearbox)


    With the object model you could parent the modules and your car body to the ground vehicle base. That way you can place anything wherever you want and it would work and you can interact with it using circuits: retractable wheels? Adjustable steeringwheel? Etc. You wouldn’t need a separate “driver seat” that could just be a normal seat.

    also for vehicle physics i’d like more options, we don’t really have suspension stiffness or even camber, toe. But idk if rr vehicle physics would go that far


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