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Invention Folders



  • KiwiDaBirb

    This is pretty similar to the post I made not too long ago, lol.
    Organization of Inventions and More Invention Space – Rec Room (

  • The Wildcard

    Could come in handy, I for one usually sort my inventions based on their function with something simple like "cannon - Version 1" or some other number.

  • Jwhystudios

    I’ve been wanting this, for rooms too

  • David Hall

    Going through the inventions with their now broken sort is even worse. No matter the option you select, it just sticks to alphabetical. The search is already bad enough that if you don't remember the exact name, you are going to get stuff that makes no sense for the search because it has some of the same letter in it. A way for us to sort it is sorely needed. 


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