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The Ink Cap Is Unreasonable




  • Official comment

    The ink limit was recently raised by one third in existing rooms. Additionally, as announced at Rec Con, the upcoming Rooms 2 feature will not impose an ink restriction.

  • BlueAnt

    The ink is capped as is because it is necessary to allow support for more platforms. Rec Room tries their best to allow more ink, but the limitations on certain devices prevent them from adding more ink, and simply removing support for those platforms would make the people that play on those devices angry. This blog post explains it better:
    They did say in AMAs that they were working on some backend systems that may allow them to increase the ink and heat limits.

  • DutchGuyMikey

    They can do it like this:
    The more ink you use, the fewer visitors can come to keep it stable and fast.

    Let's say (as example) for now we have with 100% ink a limit of 40 people in a room.

    110% ink - limit of 30 people

    120% ink - limit of 20 people

    130% ink - limit of 10 people

    Just an idea....


  • Nibbugas

    I think they should make like a system where you can store objects without loading or rendering it in yet. Then, using CV2, they can unload the objects and load the other ones.


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