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Holotar V2



  • BlueAnt

    Also it would be nice if it could record held objects (sort of like the recorded players outside the windows in orientation.)

  • Routie

    BlueAnt yes that would be soooo useful. As of right now the only way you can make it seem that way is if you record an object's position/orientations and play it back using circuits which isn't really an option for some creators

  • Routie

    And calibration (like if your headset is on your forehead and you're trying to copy a dance it would be useful maybe

  • Iconic Comet

    I would be extremely happy if this were to be a thing, as it could also:

    • Cost less ink as it uses CV2

    • Run smoother as well as loop well

    • Could potentially record objects held like they do in orientation


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