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Screenmode doubleshooing bow and arrow



  • BlueAnt

    Double shooting is technically a glitch but rec room refuses to patch it since it would make many players mad. They probably wont release any form of official double shooting for screen mode. Though they could add an option for bows placed with the makerpen that allows you to disable double shooting so you can add bows to pvp rooms without it being unfair to those on screen mode. They are capable of patching double shooting since they did for RecRoyale.

  • Finn Farrelly

    I personally agree with this, it's a bug, but it's a beloved bug.

  • Recroomdjtron

    Yeh, like wall glitching, I get it is a more malicious bug but it’s a part of rec room in my opinion

  • Star Centurion
    Community Support Coordinator

    Post moved to Feature Requests - General. We are replacing "Room & Game Content Ideas" with "Bug Reports + Feedback"


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