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Let players reuse invention names after they have been deleted



  • BlueAnt

    I believe this is because the game doesn't frequently check for if the invention is unpublished. Try renaming it again after you close out of the game and reopen, otherwise idk.

  • David Hall

    It also depends if the invention was ever published. For instance you made Couch, published it, 10 people own it, but you decide to delete it cause you made Couch 2. Technically, you will no longer see Couch in your inventory, so you think you can rename Couch 2 to Couch. You can't, because you created Couch and other people have it. So, to keep the ownership permissions correct, they hide the Couch from your view, while those other 10 people still see that Couch was created by you. What it comes down to, if you want to reuse the name of an item that you ever published, rename the old one before you "delete" it, as it is not technically being deleted.


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