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Rec Room for Linux?




  • Official comment
    Star Centurion
    Community Support Coordinator

    Hey there. We did put in some effort to try and get the game to load on Linux using Proton, but last we checked in, we needed an issue to be fixed by EAC that we don't have any control over. 

    We'll try and circle back to this in the future when we have time. I agree that it would be nice to allow Linux users to be able to load the game without having to necessarily port to Linux. 

  • Eric Shu

    I recently heard that EasyAntiCheat is now supported for Linux but the devs have to enable it, it's at least one step forward for the people who aren't using Windows :D

  • Sergey

    hey, EAC now provides native support for linux, and there's executables specially desined for Wine.

  • Theo Jackson

    Here is the Steamworks documentation on getting EAC games to run properly in proton. This section is specifically for the Steam Deck, but it's generally applicable to all x86_64 Linux. If you are already using the most recent version of EAC then even just the first two steps should allow Linux users to play if they copy from Steam's proton EAC runtime into their game files.

  • Sergey

    EAC is even easier to support, where is it?

  • Isaac A

    The Deck is out of it's reservation stage, so this should be revisited and enabled please

  • Luana

    EAC has supported Linux and Proton for a while now, please enable it


    I was extremely disappointed today when I found out that it didn't get past the startup screen because of EAC. Running natively on Quest has low quality so I  wanted to run on PC, but nope I guess. From what I've heard you just need to enable a setting on EAC, you don't even have to do extra code for it to work.


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