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The equip ability of 2+ hats,



  • dead account

    I think you're onto something, but having two hats at once is inviting apocalypse. Perhaps just move some things to the unused Ear slot? Most ear accessories are hardly visible enough, so to move some things to the ear slot would be a good way to utilize the slot.

  • Jo-Shmo

    I think Canine has a good point. Also hey im the guy from the shut down party. Anyways I think just going out and throwing in multiple hats could make really bad stuff. Clipping clothings and such.

    However as the guy who must always wear a tophat, I do want to wear headphones. If headphones were changed to be ear items then I could wear them. Plus, I don't think headphones would look bad when clipped into the brim of a top hat.

  • Recroomdjtron

    I made a request similar to this too, it is really something rec room needs to add. I also had a few different ideas too tho, here’s my forum


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