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Clothing Customizer should support scaled markers/brushes




  • Official comment
    Star Centurion
    Community Support Coordinator

    The magic marker will eventually be out of beta so you can use it in your Dorm.

    It comes with the ability to sense how hard you're pressing on the board in VR. 

    Otherwise, I understand your original complaint. Noted. 

  • Emerald

    Scaling markers for ALL boards would be helpful! This. 👆

  • nulln

    Thank you for the reply Star. Yes, the Magic Markers solve both issues outlined in this post. Thinking further on the topic, I remembered many artists in Rec Room actually scale down the markers to make it easier to see the canvas, so implementing scaled markers might actually be detrimental to hand-drawn art.. my bad. 😅

  • Ember

    I wish we could scale the board itself tbh It’s very hard to draw on the small shirt when the board is already so small itself


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