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Ability to create and save custom T-shirts without RR+

Not planned



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    Star Centurion
    Community Support Coordinator

    The custom shirt stuff is RR+ only because making it available to everyone makes it easier to create inappropriate items.

    Our hope is that RR+ members know better and make appropriate shirts. If they do break the rules, the privilege to make custom shirts is removed.

    If custom shirts were available for everyone, you could easily just make a new account if your old account is restricted from creating shirts. Having it RR+ only makes people think twice about this.

    The high barrier is on purpose, but not explained well. Sorry if you're not currently able to purchase RR+, our intention isn't to alienate F2P players, we're just trying to cover our bases and not overwork our moderation team. Instead of dealing with custom shirt reports for all players, it's just people who have RR+ and made a shirt.

    In the coming months, shirts will be able to be sold. If you're a F2P player, you will be able to purchase shirts that players in the community have made so you're able to enjoy custom shirts yourself.

    I posted this elsewhere, but this is my explanation on why Custom Shirts are locked behind RR+.

  • CoffeeMan

    yeah, another good idea is to let free players wear shirts they create but only in the dorm room.


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