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Prevent the "mass invite"



  • Nixxxxxx

    I wouldn't necessarily get rid of the ability to send invites frequently, if you're tired of it, unfriend is your only hope.

    I would totally love if there was a way to tell how many people were 'CC'd with this invite request.

    If I can tell that I'm the only person a player sent me an invite, I'll totally flip, quickly save, compose myself, and head on over.

    But if I feel like the room name the player is inviting me too seems like a event room or a player that frequently sends lots of invites, I would have no idea if they sent a personal invite or if they're trying to boost a room.

  • Bash Orion

    Have you ever created anything? Getting someone to playtest something on-command is pretty tough, invites are not usually accepted, and therefore you have to invite a ton of people to get even a few or one to come and try something out. I can see this system becoming heavily detrimental, and not just to creators. Players experiencing connection issues would run out of invites and be unable to meet with their friends, players with friends who ignore their invites would run out pretty quick, etc. For Rec Room being a social game, limiting social interactions would be counter-intuitive. I am not saying that "creators" who go around, friend everyone on every game, and then invite them all to their room so that they get tons of visits, do not exist. I just do not believe that the entire structure of Rec Room should be re-established for an issue so easily solved by unfriending the player who constantly spams mass invites.


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