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A voice listen rolloff for moderators only

Not planned



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    Star Centurion
    Community Support Coordinator

    I think Faxo hit the right notes. While more moderation tools are always good, bad actors will not use it for its intended purpose. 

  • Faxo (alixium_)

    Hello, yes it could be "practical" but it can also be quite dangerous for the personal life of players coming to rooms. 

    Especially since most of the rooms in this game are owned by children, it could quickly become controversial and result in 13 year olds starting to spy on players.

    In theory this is a good idea, but the majority of players ( meaning children ) will not make good use of it.

    Currently you can create systems with the radio system (with the game chip) to listen to what a player says even if you are far from him. But this is still quite intrusive and personally I don't want to go into a room where you can follow everything I say.

    I hope that a feature like this will never happen on Rec Room, I hope you will understand my point of view. 


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