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  • David Hall

    With the screen they shared during the Prom event and the AMA on the 4th, it is coming. A screen that users will be able to stream from desktop at 30 FPS as opposed to the current one that does about 1-2 frames. The only down side is that it is PC only at the moment and even Bigscreen, which only focuses on the screen sharing aspect, recently made it so that you can share web video with the Quest. 

  • Odd

    I know there is an option to stream the desktop but there are some things I don't like.
    The screen where you broadcast is too small and the sharing is not really beautiful.. it would be better to directly implement netflix or other platforms so that the quality is better.

    What do you think about it?

  • Star Centurion
    Community Support Coordinator

    Post moved to Feature Requests - General. We are replacing "Room & Game Content Ideas" with "Bug Reports + Feedback"


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