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Straght flag hoody and icon for profile



  • Rain

    The reason that the pride badges and hoodies were added was to show support for the community, and the reason the LGBTQ+ community is celebrated is because of the struggles they had to overcome and face daily, if it makes any sense, you should be happy you don't need a special badge or hoodie, you're seen as the "default" and are not discriminated against. 

  • soapmakestunes

    Despite the fair arguments of things like "It says Identity and not Pride!", there are a number of issues with this. Firstly, the term "Straight Pride" and the straight flag were CREATED with homophobic intent, with intense history of that intent being expressed. Secondly, you are "default/factory settings" - you don't have to disclose that you are straight, because people are assumed straight unless proven otherwise. Meanwhile, us in the LGBTQIA+ community have fought and fought for representation. The feature wasn't made for you, and it's been confirmed this isn't happening. Ally flag was a "maybe", last I remember. 

  • dead account

    I see where you're coming from; but you could use a few tweaks:

    Straight Hoodie
    This seems like a novel idea first, but the entire point of the hoodies were to celebrate pride. Like others have mentioned, some people might use it to be toxic. However, there is a way to fix that:

    How about this, instead of a Straight hoodie, what about an Ally hoodie? The ally flag is more well known (and for that matter not as looked down on for reasons), shows support for those who are LGBTQ+, and fits the theme of Pride.

    Those who identify as straight would still get their hoodie, wouldn't feel left out, and would still be able to show their support. In addition to this, it's hard to be toxic with it when the entire point of the Ally flag is literally to be in ally ship with the LGBTQ+ community.

    Straight Profile Pin
    Yeah, I don't know why people have a problem with this one. This is a decent enough idea. If not a pure straight flag pin, at least an ally flag pin.

    The entire point of the pins are to let people know what you identify as. Not giving straights an option lumps them into an awkward position. There's two problems:

    1. Some people would rather in general not use the pins, even if they aren't straight. Assuming everyone without pins is straight would be a problem for these folks; you'd be lumping people into the 'straight' identity even if they don't identify as it.
    2. If someone is straight, not giving them the option to at least /allude/ to their identity can result in some issues, namely that they may feel the need to constantly remind people, which can only just go south.

    Side note: before anyone chastises me for this post, I'm an active participant in the LGBTQ+ community (aroace represent). Giving people the Ally pin/hoodie would allow people to support the community from the sidelines, and it would give those in the community more comfort (i would rather see someone wearing an ally flag than a purely straight flag, an ally is less likely to be toxic).

  • David Hall

    I get where you are coming from as I too just had a similar conversation seeing the new menu. But, we all know how "inclusion" doesn't include the majority because some people will say "But everything is already {insert  subject here}." They label it as pride and people will call it all kinds of things if you claim straight pride or some other descriptors. Personally, I don't care about them and will leave it as none, but at the same time, if you include 6 variations, why not the others?

    On another note, I feel it will make people targets and create even more discrimination in an already toxic environment that it is.


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