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Movable Keyboard



  • Couch potat

    I need this

  • David Hall

    I was coming on here to make the same post. I noticed while using the maker pen that some menus will adjust the menu back while the keyboard stays in  "normal" reach. It does make the menu smaller and harder to read, but not requiring me to break my neck to see the keyboard in my body. However, at the rate they are going, I'm sure the "fix" will be to remove the keyboard completely and just make it a flat pop-up on the menu you already have. Be like typing in screen mode.

  • Finn Farrelly

    Keyboard update when

  • David Hall

    I realized as well, you should be able to click and move the watch menu like you can the maker pen menu so that you can get the keyboard in a usable space. 

  • Jack

    This is a planned idea. Announced in the Gribbly live AMA by Gribbly himself. No set release date. Just planned.


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