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Bring back old items from 2016-2017




  • Official comment
    Star Centurion
    Community Support Coordinator

    A lot of these items are deprecated due to using an older art style or were limited timed items. As a result, we're not bringing them back. 

  • Liam118paw

    No, they are rare and Rec Room knows that, so there is ZERO chance of getting them back. Downvoted.

  • David Hall

    Liam118paw, the stone sword skin is from the early years and it was just last week. I do like having the rarity or certain items/skins, but like modern fashion, what was once old is new again.

    It's just they get all the people complaining that already have it, at least they give a 4 star box instead of the already claimed skin, again. 

  • Rain

    Liam118paw, they

    do not care about rarity, nothing is "Rare" in the game anymore, if it makes them money, they will release it, like today for example, the Antlers, Bee Set, etc, being released. 


  • Harvey

    That's what saying


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