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Weapon Mechanic Changes



  • mal_the_PRO

    imma just pretend that i read all of that, upvote.


  • BlueAnt

    This is especially important now with the new interaction and controls overhaul they are doing for screen mode.

    2. Bad Controls.

    I believe this is now fixed with the new update, the whip should be easier to manage.


    Also, here's a few more honorable mentions of weapon mechanics that need to be changed:

    - Certain melee weapons while swinging slows down player movement speed on screen mode

    - Weapon swinging on screen mode is generally slow

    - Not being able to block with both duel wielded melee weapons on screen mode

    - Melee weapons breaking in hand causes an unnecessary animation delay that prevents picking up another weapon or blocking with current melee weapon 

    - Some melee weapons when heavy swung on screen mode have longer attack animations than normally swinging making it unnecessary to heavy swing said melee weapon

    - The animation while interacting with things while holding an item can cause unwanted interactions (Example: opening a chest with a sword in hand makes the sword swing and can break and hit things because of the interaction animation)

    - Using cannons or mirrors on screen mode locks character in place making it difficult to dodge attacks or quickly run away 

    - The animation for lighting the fuse on a cannon with a torch is unnecessarily long

    - Certain props like the ILS map or the Hunter's note can't be properly read on screen mode 


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