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Jumbotron/Live Camera



  • David Hall

    Like the one in Soccer!

  • Liam118paw

    This one is very cool! But... there's quest players. You really cant make a live camera like that without affecting performance. Downloading YouTube videos on the other hand wouldn't affect performance due to it just downloading a video. So we could get this but just not a live camera maybe.

  • nulln

    @Liam118paw: I think YouTube videos would actually be heavier than a live camera. For playing YouTube videos, not only are you downloading the video, you're also decoding it for playback in real-time. However, rendering a camera to an object texture doesn't require downloading *or* decoding at all. In fact, the Quest can already do this -- and, in fact, is -- in the form of the RC Car prop. I think exposing the camera system from the RC Car & Controller to Circuits/UGC wouldn't be a *very* tall order for the Quest.

    Of course, though, the number of cameras rendering the scene would be what brings performance down, so there should be a limit on cameras in a subroom (similar to the limit on Light objects).

  • David Hall

    The extra camera is already resource intense on PC VR. For Quest 2, that can't even load the bulletin board in the Dorm, I can't imagine it being able to completely render a whole different game camera at the same time. With each camera it is like running the game again, but from a different angle. 

  • Thomas Rogers

    lol the jumbotron camera already existed in paddleball but they removed it.


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