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  • HackLaddy

    Same here. I love the idea of building in the Rec Royale map with some friends, or just going exploring without the bees or other players chasing you.

  • David Hall

    I'd imagine that the ink usage would be very minimal, but it would be nice to have something as vast and explorable without having to start a game. Besides, it would be really nice to help train up with a team so you can familiarize a new friend without jumping straight into battle. 

  • Micro

    This has been discussed before, Rec Royale League owners are able to receive a modified copy of Rec Royale. I've had a look into them myself and have discussed it with a few support members, unfortunately, Rec Royale is not quite optimized enough to allow cloning and such, many factors go into this, such as Rec Royale chips not being ready for public release, performance issues and many other things. 

    Spending a little time tinkering with the map shows it flaws, the map really is only made for Rec Royale and Rec Royale only, for the most part, you're unable to do much modifying to the map/chips itself, or even change the gamemode, hopefully this can be changed and everyone will be able to use it!

  • Finn Farrelly

    Rec Royale hangout room when?

  • Musicdj122




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