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Change time of day in dorm



  • posicat

    I've got a huge black box around my dorm to make it look like night, but the sun still reflects off of some surfaces.


  • Micro

    I believe the lighting is baked into your Dorm Room, they've have to redo how lighting is done and probably make it dynamic if this was to be possible, Good idea though, I'm sick of it being so bright in my dorm. 

  • Breadcat

    Micro I don’t believe so, because there are real-time shadows in your dorm from the sun as well as the trick where you use 8 low brightness point lights to “remove” the sun and if I recall correctly also heard they moved away from baked lighting because it was more performative to just do real time shadows.

  • GreatPotato

    Wait what? You can remove the sunlight in the dorm??


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