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Able to Adjust Microphone Audio Volume for Each Player



  • David Hall

    Agreed. Another situation where people are in a community room playing music through their avatar but walls don't block sound like they do in real life. You would like to hear the music, but not outright mute the person like the only option is now. 

  • Faxo (alixium_)

    It's really important that rec room adds this. It's been 7 years since rec room exists and there is still no option like this. 

    Please rec room do this suggestion <3

  • Nixxxxxx

    As for someone that has hearing troubles, I'm having to either suffer misunderstanding other players or muting the DJ player in many event instances.

    I really hope RecRoom would soon add this.

  • Jolly Customer

    Yes this feature would be great. As someone who doesn't really like loud music etc. this would be perfect!


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