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New RRO Quest!



  • David Hall

    Think the focus has sadly turned to what they talked about many years ago, user created content. The only down side to UCC is not getting the RRO rewards that can be items used anywhere, unlike the keyed items restricted to those rooms. 

    As for a new quest, I would love one, but prefer not to be opening a whole bunch of little chests along the way and grabbing a bunch of coins. I feel like that ends up taking so much time during the quest but you don't want to miss out on getting those items. The original 3 quests where you just break stuff is a classic and so much quicker. Something that can be shot on the move and done between spawns. Doesn't require one to walk up to it to interact, just shoot it with an arrow/gun/wand. I do like the continue feature of Crescendo but that one always seems to take so long. I like the 4 man quests and areas where it is nice to split in teams. The 3 man ones do feel closer and more personal, but ends up being where you have to rely on certain people for certain roles at times. 

    Them suggestions for new quest:
    Zombies, with "players" having been turned and we find that the High Five/Ego potions have caused the turning.

    Aliens, where the occasional UFO flies over trying to beam players up and takes them to a "Solo" combat room to escape and return to their fireteam.

    A mix of Jumbotron/Golden Trophy were the Robots have put on disguises to look like Goblins so that they blame the other side. 

  • Thomas Rogers

    Maybe a prequel to Golden Trophy?

  • Micro

    The "Year of RRO's" did feel a little, underwhelming to say the least, I'd love to see a new Winter themed quest, since the last one was got was Crescendo way back in 2018, really has been that long huh?

  • BlueAnt

    David Hall

    "The only down side to UCC is not getting the RRO rewards that can be items used anywhere"

    In the live Gribbly AMA, he mentioned that they are working on a custom avatar item creator that will hopefully allow us to make our own avatar rewards.

  • Star Centurion
    Community Support Coordinator

    Post moved to Feature Requests - General. We are replacing "Room & Game Content Ideas" with "Bug Reports + Feedback"


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