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Add 'any' port to Circuit Boards



  • Backward

    After thinking for a bit, instead of having this as an entirely new option, it could just automatically set it to 'any' if two or more ports were selected. Although having to manually unselect the options would be annoying, I still think that this would be a better way to implement this.

  • Nibbugas

    There is an glitch to get it and that's by using an unplugged list get element chip and a to string and create the circuit board when selecting the to string. It's the opposite for the output

  • Nixxxxxx

    Surprised this had never been added since. There really should be a way to raw connect and ignore connection rules. If a problem is to occur, it should just spit an error in the logs, 'unexpected input'.

    But for chips that accept multiple inputs, would finally be easy to pass through tables of tables through a circuit board. 👍


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