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New CV2 Items



  • Official comment

    The Animation Gizmo V2 is currently being worked on! A Game Chip V2 is not planned however, as with CV2, we prioritize giving players lower level creation tools, so you can create the functionality yourself or download a similar invention. A Player Get Gaze chip is coming very soon, which you'll be able to use in combination with the Raycast chip to determine what the player is looking at.

  • Brotzelw

    This is a really cool idea! The player model thing is really cool and they should add it!

  • Stanislavboboc

    "Player get is looking at" is a raycast

  • Osnat Segev

    "get player is looking" isn't impossible to make with current tools. you can use a "get forward vector" to get the direction the player is looking at, then you get the vector from the player to the position by subtracting the player's head position from the position you wanna get if the player is looking at using a "subtract" chip. put that vector through a "vector3 normalize" chip, and then use a "distance" chip and put the vector the player is looking and the normalized vector in. place a "less then"/"less or equal" chip, then set the distance as the first input. the second input will be the sensitivity of it, with 2 being no matter where the player looks its true. I recommend you use .6 but you can play with it. the bool output is equal to if the player is looking to the position or not.

  • Osnat Segev

    other than that these things should definitely be added

  • karl

    CV2 To CV1 (And CV1 To CV2) is already possible to create using event chips and pistons (and more)

    look up on the invention store if you need to know how to do it or check out a youtube tutorial.


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