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  • Misfortune

    Since he is underage, he should probably go on a Junior Account. It's part of the Terms of Service in Rec Room.


  • Osnat Segev

    Im really sorry to hear that your son is getting bullied, so heres what I recommend doing:
    One solution is putting your son on a junior account, which is a type of account for kids under 13. But it also makes the game less fun as it takes away a lot of features and doesnt let your kid communicate with other people. What you can do instead, is block those people who bully him and report them for toxicity. Reports dont make the player get banned instantly though, so what you can do for the time hes still in the room is votekick the bully. What that does, is asks everyone to vote if that player should be kicked or not. If more people say yes than no, the player will get kicked to his dorm room and will not be able to join that lobby again even if he gets invited. I hope I helped you, and I hope rec room starts taking more action against bullying, because its really sad to hear about your child getting bullied. Cyberbullying and online shaming is a really bad problem, so I hope this problem generally on the internet will get solved overtime. God bless you!

  • karl

    since hes under 13 you probably wont go far in court since your son breaking rec rooms Terms of Service by being underage.

    and the other kids he could really just block them its not a big deal but since hes autistic i really think he shouldn't get bullied and it can be hard for him to understand how to get rid of them. im autistic my self and i've had the same experience.


    but to protect your son from future bullying please go on a junior account. if you want more information on junior accounts see the article below

  • MrPigVR

    Kids are not supposed to play this game with normal account.

    There is actually a special account made for kids safety called a Junior Account.

    You can learn more about Junior Accounts here:


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