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Native linux build/make playable on linux



  • Theo Jackson

    A native linux build would be more similar to the windows version of recroom than android, even if linux and android are more similar, because the android version is optimized for mobile hardware. I'm not sure how much platform specific code would need to be ported to make that happen, but I agree playable on linux would be really nice, even if that means through proton.

    (I use Fedora BTW; and Pop_OS! for VR stuff) lol

  • Sergey

    To make linux native build when using Unity, you just should take Windows version of rec room and change the compiler to linux (mono or il2cpp). Actually works in linux for il2cpp, and I don't think someone should use it in HQ itself. And a fact that there's no EAC Native builds makes it a problem. Though, why there's anti-cheat for a social media (As they say.)



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